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Plugin is an enterprise technology investment firm that recruits, retains and invest in entrepreneurs with ideas to build a sustainable future through our Build, Operate and Transfer approach.

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Plugin is an enterprise technology investment firm that recruits, retains and invest in entrepreneurs with ideas to build a sustainable future through our Build, Operate and Transform approach. Plugin is driven by the idea that; we can close our eyes and dream the impossible and wake up to make it a reality through determination, persistence, skills and execution.

Plugin’s investment culture is not motivated by only maximizing results for our partners, but rather how do we leave the world better than we found it. Through our simple approach to our investments, we build a diverse winning team, we pay attention to details and driven by sustainable results. Plugin leverages on the talents of its partners, affiliates, and clients using trending technology solutions we solve everyday problems by putting the dignity of humanity first.

Plugin is backed by Agbemble & Agbemble Asset Management (AAM) firm and its partners. AAM and its’ partners take a long-term view on each investment and drive shareholder value through competitive exits. AAM currently has over $250 million in asset valuation in its portfolio. Plugin is managed by industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience.



WebRTC (Real Time Communication)


Enterprise Solutions


Privacy & Security Stack Integration


FinTech – Blockchain Integration


Plugin is managed by industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. Our team’s core mission is to deliver world-class service without cutting corners.

— Bismark Agbemble

Co-Founder & CEO, Investments & Strategic Business Units (SBU)

— Greg Hofbauer

CTO, Technology Implementation

— Ponce Ferguson

Executive Director

— Dila Denada

SVP - Creative Director, Marketing

— O'Kelly Lilly

SVP Marketing, Marketing & Social Media

— Nicole Howell

Project Manager, Quality & Assurance

— Dough Fuchs

Project Manager, Front End Technical Design

— Madhukar Reddy

Project Manager, Senior Developer

— Leticia Ramirez

Account Executive

— Marvin Okyere Boamah

Client Partnership Manager

— Ashik Mehrab

Project Manager, Senior Developer


LEAP Technologies

LEAP Technologies is a full service Hardware As A Service (HAAS) global technology platform that bridges access to technology in schools, institutions, and deprived communities. Leap Technologies offers hardware, software, training and entrepreneurship opportunities to our clients.

LEAP’s mission is to bridge the educational and productive gap through the usage of technology via hardware, software and other applications. LEAP incorporates into all is products and services world class customer service, technical support and affordable packages.


ShopApp in strategic partnership with Whatsapp, is a full service communication e-commerce platform that allows users to; Chat, Shop and have products delivered to their door step solving the last mile challenge. ShoApp offers a comprehensive shopping experience intergraded with Meta Business Suite products. ShopApp offers quality products, exemplary customer service and reliable delivery services. ShopApp lplatform can reach more than 2 billion users who are registered on WhatsApp to allow its products and services to reach a global market.

Digital Media

Fandmo is a full-scale sports and events management company that uses digital media applications to improve fan engagement in venues or stadiums. Through Fandmo fans have access to games, food and media content management all at the comfort of their seat. Fandmo works with sports and entertainment organizations to convert classic fans to connected fans.

Riding Sharing App

Bingo is an innovative ride sharing app that promotes climate change through usage of electric vehicles, and other innovative method of transportation to reduce pollution through ride sharing. Bingo operates in countries where the “Last Mile” delivery network is inefficient and through its technologies and partners it provides competitive and reliable transportation services through a diverse pool of vehicles.


Taadaa is a premium online shopping network powered by Amazon Services. Taadaa’s technology allows its users to shop for meaningful gifts through social networking. In collaboration with Amazon, Taadaa leverages its technology solution to make gift giving and receiving simple, fun and secure.


Plugin’s educational Platform is designed to disrupt virtual learning, by providing quality access to all students. This platform provides customized virtual classroom, content library, and content accessibility with ease. Our educational solutions empowers educators to rethink education and have a virtual contingency plan for students.


Plugin’s small business enterprise platform provides, enterprise scale teleworking solutions. This solution allows small businesses to improve productivity, lower cost and enhance customer engagement by using our WebRTC platform at affordable price.


Through SkoolVibe is rethinking education through the arts. SkoolVibe is a full service music streaming platform, providing educational content over instrumentals. SkoolVibe engages students in a fun, safe, and secure way.

Policy and Politics

Plugin’s policy and political solutions also known as “Active Engagement” is a comprehensive campaign platform for policymakers and voters to engage in real time. Active engagement provides polling, fundraising, breaking news, content distribution, team collaboration and many other tools to enhance campaigns.


Virtual Hospital
Plugin’s telemedicine platform is a comprehensive healthcare delivery network connecting hospitals, doctors, laboratory, Occupational Health, and patients. Our network service delivery improves efficiency, delivers quality access to equitable healthcare and reduce malpractices. Plugin’s signature product is called PREVENT.

Commodity Purchasing Company

Plugin’s Commodity Purchasing Company (CPC) infusion financial engineering into post-harvest support services to assist agricultural producers with fair, transparent and competitive pricing through our business development services. CPC provides financial, technical and route to market solutions through FinTech payment systems.


Plugin’s PIN is a multipurpose communication platform where users can no more that text and talk with friends, associates and family. PIN allows users to transact, interact and talk to be more engaging and productive in a simple and secure way. With PIN users can Chat, Shop, Sell, Pay, Receive Funds, Deliver goods all on Plugin’s WebRTC Platform for emerging countries.


Exo is a small business trading platform designed to simplify global trading for US based businesses. Exo uses its signature Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) technology solution, that handles product or service distribution, regulatory framework, consignment, shipping (customs) and payment gateway from start to finish. Exo focus on technical setup and implementation, while the business owner focus on their core business. Through the BOT model, upon agreed time Exo hands over to the client their global expansion business with support and training.


Plugin’s Prosperity Real Estate Investment Corporation division leverages global supply chain stack technology to build-operate and transfer residential properties to build generational wealth. It builds strategic global alliance with fund managers and developers to promote financial inclusivity. The products and services offered, are aimed to maximize the social welfare of the People-Planet and build prosperity for all.


Promoting a SAFE SPACE for students, educators, organizations and businesses to during virtual engagements in a safe, secure and simple matter. Digital privacy and security for all is our foundation. Slate promotes, fosters and advocates for digital privacy in our services and training. Our platform aims foster a more inclusive, equitable and sensitive virtual experience for all. At SLATE, Privacy is our hallmark. Our products and service assist schools and organizations during virtual engagement via lessons, meetings or gathering to have a customized backdrop to enhance conversations or celebrate the moment a more secure, simple way.


Apex University (AU) is a global premier online institution of higher learning, with the mission to redefine education for the 21st century learner. Through its collaborative model, AU partners with institutions, civic society, and business fraternities to deliver modern educational curriculum that is practical and relevant. AU, leverages on its signature learning management systems, world class lectures, and robust technology infrastructure to deliver its core mandates. AU’s mission is to provide access to quality, affordable, equitable and inclusive education for all. At AU, the world is our classroom.


KIVA International is a full service e-commerce subscription platform promoting sustainable beauty products from Africa. Kiva using it’s WebRTC platform distributes experiential purchasing through its supply chain. Kiva caters its services to its premium clients by offering unique and exclusive products.


Plugin’s Prime Box fully intergraded e-commerce platform assisting users with monthly subscription of products from Amazon Fulfillment centers. PrimeBox is multinational fulfillment center focusing on the following regions: Africa, South America and South East Asia.


Plugin’s Xello telecommunication platform is a progressive off grind OEM that provides hardware and connectivity in simple, secure and affordable way. Xello is a exclusive platform where users can connect and transact through a monthly subscription through unconventional data sharing platform.


Plugin’s Xpresso Studios is a full content distribution platform delivering informative, persuasive and entertaining content in championing global diversity. Xpresso Studios is a nurturing and inclusive production platform that celebrates diversity, creative genius and authentic expression of truth in distribution of news, documentary, movies and entertainment.


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